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Island around the amazing Lampi National Park

Explore WaAle and Lampi Island MerguiArchipelago and the other island around Lampi Marine National Park at the Mergui Archipelago Myanmar

Lampi Island at the Mergui Archipelago


1 Kyunn Me Gyee Island (Clara Island)

There are three sandy beaches ashore and they are suitable for snorkeling and diving. Both south and north sentinels are also excellent spots for diving, fishing and snorkeling.

2 Salet Galet Island

Salet Galet is a cove and a good place for boats to shelter from bad weather conditions. It almost seems like a lake. Sometimes the Sea Gypsies (Moken) can be found there to refill fresh water for their fishing boats. The spots for anchoring are between 10-12 meters deep. There is a mangrove creek on Wa Ale Island, where Kayaking trips along the mangrove creek can be arranged. This is a good place for wild life lovers, because monkeys, falcons, Sea eagles and crystal clear water can be found here.

Salet-Galet-Island Mergui Archipelago Myanmar

3  Wa Ale Kyunn Island

Another extraordinary beach to the north of Lampi is on WaAle Island. Here you may come across turtles’ tracks. This beautiful wide beach is surrounded by hillsides of tropical evergreens and at low-tide has an interesting rock passageway a the southern end of the beach.

Myanmar WaAle Island

4 Kyunn Tann Shey Island (Lampi Island)

The best sandy beaches of Lampi are located on the western side of the Park, each one is a treasure! If you are lucky, you can see monkeys sitting on the beach leisurely snacking on crabs.

One of the longest, most accessible, and stunning white beaches is on the southwest side of Lampi island. It stretches from the casuarinas forest at the mouth of the mangrove tourist river. Find yourselves walking on a long sandy strip, without footprints and with turquoise waters to both sides.

Kayaking through Lampi’s serene and majestic mangroves is one of the highlights of any Park visit. The Lampi National Park has two perennial rivers on the main island, the “crocodile” and “tourist” rivers. Both are home to Lampi’s best conserved mangrove forests. Paddle along the rivers, deeper and deeper into the jungle, a mass of seemingly impenetrable, sprawling root systems extend as for as the eye can see.

The islands in vicinity hast also several seashore caves. They are formed in Mesozoic Granite or Quartzite with passages oriented along the major bedding lines. This is surprising since caves are usually known from lime stone which exists mostly in patches in the Mergui Archipelago.

Lampi Island at the Mergui Archipelago


5 Bo-Cho Island

There is one village on Bo-Cho Island and it is named Ma-Kyone-Ga-Lat Village. The village lies at the south western end of Bo-cho island. As the shore is not rocky, small boats can land without difficulties. The tender sand is very enjoyable and beautiful scenery of sunset can be observed at sunset. Once a year the Sa-lon festival is held here by the only human inhabitants in the area, the Sea gypsies, known as Sa-lon in Myanmar. They live on boats during the dry season and remain on land during rainy season.

Moken Village on BoCho Island

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