Plan your Scuba Diving Vacation 2012  with our ADEX  Specials.

With ADEX 2012, Asian largest Scuba Diving Showcase, held in Singapore from 13th – 15th of April 2012 ahead it is our pleasure to offer to all our friends and customer some interesting offers for your scuba diving vacation plan 2012 and 2013.

Meet part of our team of South East Asia Dreams during the ADEX in Singapore, just drop a SMS to +66 81 958 3310 (Mrs. Heike Garcon-Suiheran) and select a meeting point and time.  Or get your brochure at the booth of Stand Number:  J02.  We are really looking forward to meet you in Person.

Explore our new destination INDONESIA on board of one of Indonesians finest liveaboard vessels:

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or maybe just a long weekend at an amazing dive resort north of Bali with a lot of diving around the famous wreck of  U.S.A.T Liberty or the colorful house reef :

Spend some time in Bali with unlimited shore dives

Or spend some time around one of the world wide best dive sites in Malaysia – SIPADAN ISLAND.  Choose between one of our Resort or Liveaboard Package and save from our ADEX Special

Scuba diving Resort and Liveaboard Package around Mabul and Sipadan in Sabah/Malaysia

or maybe just the classic PHUKET ISLAND Package. With daily direct flights from Singapore, Phuket became an interesting destination for those who just like to send a few days away from home for some diving, entertainment and great food.

Hotel and Scuba Diving Daytrips Package in Phuket / Thailand

For those who never visit the famous SIMILAN ISLAND, here are some options for your liveaboard trip between November 2012 and April 2013.

Scuba diving liveaboard trips around SImilan Island, Southern Island or Mergui Archipelago

or maybe just charter with your friend your own vessel for your own scuba diving dream?

Charter your own vessel and plan your individuel trip with friends and family

 Above packages are only small selections of our program. Get your individual ADEX Special for all your confirmed bookings starting from today until latest 22th of April.   Travel period depending on the package.  Get an extra 5 % by pay the full amount of your trip by end of April.

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Welcome to the amazing Indonesian Archipelago.

It is just the beginning for us and we promise to check out more adventure within this amazing country. We are proud to have our first vessels online in our Indonesian Section and as mentioned more will be coming soon.

Raja Ampat - One of the top dive sites world wide

Indonesia also called the Indonesian Archipelago is a huge country with more than 10.000 Islands and many of them are not developed yet. After two successful inspection trips we are proud to offer you amazing dive experience on board of Indonesian finest liveaboard vessels.

And of course to celebrate this we have also some specials for you:

Join one of our special trips around the Raja Ampat Archipelago

Or enjoy on of these fantastic and unique crossing Trip:

See the best during these unique trips


Or visit the amazing Komodo National Park with it’s Komodo Dragon

Scuba diving around the Komodo National Park

Interesting, do not wait too long and contact us today for availability.

Visit one of worldwide unique places on board

Visit our webpage for more exciting trips within this amazing Archipelago. We are able to offer you a wider choice of vessels as well as available dates.

We are looking forward to assist you.


Ambon – Banda – Alor – Komodo

Visit and dive the “Ring of Fire” in Indonesia on board of KM Black Manta one of the luxuary liveaboard vessel around the indonesian archipelago.

Around the Pacific is an area with very large numbers of volcanic and earthquake eruptions. These activities created an underwater structor which are not seen anywhere else in the world. Scuba diving in these are became very famous in the last few years and only a few vessels giving us today the opputunity to discover these still unspoilt and fantasic scuba dive destination.

Discover with us one a special trip these amazing islands for a special last minute offer as follow:

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Indonesia Diving Adventure – Liveaboard

(12 days / 11 nights – 40 dives)

Route: Ambon – Ring of Fire Island – Alor – Maumere – Komodo

only from 16th to 27th of April 2012      
Ambon, Banda, Alor, Maumere and Komodo Island


En-suite double & twin share cabins available

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Itinerary:Dive within the scuba diving paradise

Day 1: Afternoon arrival at Pattimura Airport, Ambon and transfer to the Marina, check in
on board of KM Black Manta around 05.00 pm, departure for your scuba
diving exploration, overnight onboard
Day 2: Full day diving excursion around Gunung Api
Day 3: Full day diving excursion around Luciparar Reef
Day 4 & 5: Full day diving excursion around the Ring of Fire Island
Day 6 & 7: Full day diving excursion around Alor Island
Day 8: Full day diving excursion around Maumere
Day 9 – 11: Full day diving excursion around Komodod National Park incl. Trekking to the Komodo Dragon
Day 12: Labuanbajo Marina, check out and transfer to airport

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Raja Ampat, or “Four Kings” is located in West Papua Province of Indonesia. An area comprised of a multitude of islands and famous for its high biodiversity. This is one of the worlds best diving destinations and it offers dives with great visibility. The waters are teeming with a vast variety of marine life. In the West of the Raja Ampat Archipelago – Indonesia, schools of Mantas gather at Manta point, the current here runs swift, making it the perfect playground for these elegant creatures. Raja Ampat is known for its unspoiled Nature on land and it is marine ecology.

Divesites around Raja Ampat

The Passage

The Passage is located between the two islands of Waigeo and Gam in the Raja Ampat Archipelago in Indonesia. This is one of the great dive sites for muck diving with Shrimps, Crabs and Nudibranch. Often Flounders and Gobies and schools of Fusiliers and Blue Spotted Stingrays are spotted here.

Cape Kri

Diving at Pulau Kris's cape Experience: **
Current: */***
Visibility:  10 – 20 meter
Depth:  16 -25+ meter
Snorkel Condition: not suitable

Cape Kri’s healthy coral reef is a great dive site with a mixture of hard and table corals. Butterfly fish, Cardinal fish, Grouper and Damselfish, Batfish, Wrasse, Parrotfish, Surgeon fish, Trigger, Boxfish, Pufferfish and Porcupine are found here. Along the bottom you will be able to find Gobies, Moray Eels and Leaf Fish. Scorpion and Flathead fish as well as Octopus, Shrimps and Crabs make this home too here in Raja Ampat in Indonesia. Around the reef you can find Jack Fish, Trevallies and Sweetlips, Snappers, Fusiliers and Barracuda. Even Wobbegong and Pontohi Pigmy and of course sharks. This is one of the favorite dive sites in Raja Ampat.

Eagle Rock

dive site Eagle Rock Experience: **
Current: ***
Visibility:  10 – 25 meter
Depth: 10 – 30+ meter
Snorkel Condition:  very good

The dive site Eagle Rock is an overhang at around 20 meters depth. Bommie’s covered between 40 – 80 % with a lot of soft corals and a huge selection of marine life such as Butterfly, Cardinal and Angelfish, Grouper, Damselfish, Batfish and Wrasse, Parrot and Surgeon fish. Triggers, Box and Pufferfish, Porcupine and Pontohi pigmy, as well as schools of Manta Ray and Napoleon Wrasse, schooling Barracudas, Jack Fish, Snappers and Sweetlips. 

Fabiacet – East Misool Island

Scuba diving at Fiabacet east of the Misool island Experience: *
Current: *
Visibility:  20 – 30 meter
Depth: 20 – 40 meter
Snorkel Condition:  very good

Fabiacet are two little islands east of Misool Island in the Raja Ampat Archipelago. There are several bommie’s with drop-offs on every island and at a depth of around 18 meters, the reef has a steep slope. The area is covered with Sea Fans and Table corals, but soft corals are prolific. At this dive site you will find the Pygmy Seahorses, Nudibranchs and Flatworms as well as schools of Fusiliers, Butterfly and Angelfish, Grouper, Damselfish, Wrasse, Parrot and Surgeon fish, Triggers, Box, Puffer and Porcupine fish. 

Farondi Beach – Farondi Island

explore the underwaterworld around Farondy Island and Beach Experience: *
Current: *
Visibility:  10 – 30 meter
Depth: 5 – 30 meter
Snorkel Condition:  very good

Around Farondi Beach in the Raja Ampat Archipelago – Indonesia you can find a huge mix of hard rock, covered by mainly hard coral such as Staghorn and Table corals, as well as a few Fire corals and many types of Sponges. Enjoy schools of Fusiliers and Sweetlips around the reef with Moray Eels, as well as WobbegongBumphead Parrot fish, plus more surprises around this amazing area close to Misool Island.

Manta Point

Because the currents are moderate to swift then, the best time here is in the morning or afternoon. Apart from Manta Rays, the dive site is also home to many colorful fish and corals. Because of the crystal clear water, they even appear plainly from the boat. The next attraction is Mansuar Island. Along the way to Manta Point, you are able to see the island with its lush vegetation and white sandy beach. Once they reach the dive site, some signs of Manta presence are already noticeable from the surface.

Waigeo / Gam Island

Scuba diving at te Passage betwenn Waigeo and Gam Island Experience: *
Current: */***
Visibility:  10 – 12 meter
Depth: 10- 15 meter
Snorkel Condition:  suitable

Bird Wall on the south side of Waigeo Island in the Raja Ampat Archipelago – Indonesia is a gentle slope and ends at around 30 meters. Small bommies and rocky areas all along the slope are home for an astonishing number of marine creatures and Cuttlefish can be found here. Don’t lose track of depth and time, because there is simply so much to keep you occupied. Indian lionfish resting and waiting for the next catch in are hiding from curious divers on this dive site.


The dive starts with a jump on the north side of the island. The reef drops down to a depth of 25-30 meters and the visibility is still very good. 2 colors stand out on this dive site in the Raja Ampat Archipelago – Indonesia: purple and orange, because the bommies all around the slope are completely covered in soft corals. Schools of glass fish chased by Yellow Fin Fusiliers and Trevallies are present. Watch out for Lionfish and Scorpionfish, because they like to rest on table or brain corals. Also look out for Octopus and Banded Sea Snakes, which also enjoy the rich and diverse habitat of this dive site in the Raja Ampat Archipelago.

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