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by Jenne Lajiun. Posted on December 5, 2012, Wednesday

Alexandra and Simon during the interview.

KOTA KINABALU: Sipadan is still the same as it was in 1988, when world famous French underwater explorer and filmmaker Jacques-Yves Cousteau made his remark, “I have seen other places like Sipadan 45 years ago, but now no more. Now we have found an untouched piece of art.”

Making this claim recently was none other than the late explorer’s own granddaughter, Alexandra Cousteau, who is now attached with the National Geographic as an explorer.

“We watched his film with the crew and it was really interesting. We were comparing how it was in 1988 to how it was now. The abundance looked to be the same and we dove on the same spots. He has written so much about it in his books – in so many other parts of the world, things have changed,” said Alexandra, who was in Sabah to explore and make a short documentary for the National Geography on the beauty of islands in Malaysia with the Scuba Zoo.

“This was in 1988 which was 25 years ago. It is still the same (now) as it was then, the abundance is still as it was then. And we have lost so many since then. It is indeed the most beautiful places I have been. It is 10 out of 10. It is really a revelation. In Sipadan I have never seen so many healthy corals, so many turtles, so many fishes,” she said.

Alexandra mentioned that she first learned how to dive under the guidance of her late grandfather in a diving spot at the southern of France when she was seven years old.

“So much is gone. The Caribbean is almost gone. You have a real treasure. I hope to come back one day with my daughter so that she can dive here like my grandfather did,” she said.

“So many things in Sipadan are extinct like in other parts of the world – it is a real treasure,” she said.

She then mentioned of the conservation effort that were being undertaken in Sipadan — the turtle sanctuary and the shark sanctuary.

“One hundred million sharks are fished and finned every year so it makes sense to have the sanctuary. It may be (one day) the last place in the world that has sharks. A live shark is not only important to the environment but also to the communities around.”

Meanwhile, Scuba Zoo founder and chief executive officer Simon Christopher explained the importance of maintaining the ecological balance in the sea and mentioned why sharks had to be conserved.

“Without sharks, the weak and old will not be predated. There would be massive overgrazing and soon, there will be a desert,” he said.

And having predators in the sea is also a crowd puller and makes perfect sense in the context of touristic attraction.

“If you have no more predators, no one will come,” he said, simply.

He emphasised that a framework needs to be put in place to protect sharks species in Sabah and that various issues related to awareness and controlled fisheries need to be addressed.

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Why you should not leave home without any and which one consider?

When travelling to a foreign country, preparation is important to ensure as much safety as possible during your trip. If you are planning to spend your savings into your holiday you should make sure that you are prepared for any kind of circumstances which would result that you may have to cancel all your plans or interrupt your journey.

Travel insurances are important to consider because they are numerous reasons. Even many people believe that this kind of insurance is just an additional expense on top of their vacation budget and the risk that something happen is quite slim. But you never know and is it not better to be prepared for a worse case scenarios?

Before you purchase any kind of insurance think and write down what kind of situation you like to get covered.

Modern Travel Insurance as for example WorldNormads are built for today’s travelers and is a good option either you just like to enjoy your time on the beach or if you add some adventure into your vacation.

A good travel Insurance should cover following circumstances:Travel Insurance a must for all Traveling

– Medical Expenses / Emergency Evacuation with worldwide travel assistance. The majority of trip insurance policies offer medical coverage, important to divers, check if dive related incidence are also covered otherwise be on the save side and just get an separate diving insurance within AquaMed or Dan. A travel health / medical insurance are definitely a must when traveling because it will cover you for all illness, accident and emergency medical evacuation.

– Trip Cancellation / Trip Interruption / Trip Delays: If you are planning a dive trip or any kind of holiday which requires a good deal of money and requires a nonrefundable deposit payment in advance to secure your spot or getting a great early bird deal it is something to consider. Especially in these days where your travel plans can be affected due shaky economies, job layoffs, company closing or even if you or your travel partners are getting sick before.

Additionally there are more items which you may consider in your planning are policy to cover (but have a look most of the time these items are already in the standard policies) are: Baggage, personal items, Passport & Travel Documents – stolen, damaged or lost, some special event covering (for example in case of natural desaster, Liability etc.

Chooice your travel and medical Insurance

Also when it comes to insurance timing is very important. Many times if you book your trip first and months later the trip-insurance, they may refuse to step in, because you purchased the insurance not within a time window of booking the trip. Make sure you buy your travel insurance the same time when you booked your trip.

Bring always all the copies of all the policy with you and add the 24-hour hotline number to your cell phone contact list. A travel health / medical insurance are definitely a must when traveling because it will cover you for all illness, accident and emergency medical evacuation.

But what kind of insurance you have to consider is depending on what kind of trip you are planning to take and what the insurance will or will not reimburse. Therefore think before you buy. Get your trip insurance through your travel agent to ensure you are dealing with a reputable company. All insurance companies have a hotline numbers which can be contacting in case of questions or claims.



Malaysia to build a Legoland worldwide theme park

When Ole Kirk Christiansen started in Denmark 1932 making wooden toys and named it Lego piecesLEGO® he did not know that he started a new century of toys which kids all over the world will love. LEGO® is a contraction of the Danish words ‘leg godt’ which means ‘play well’ and coincidentally it was later learned that Lego means ‘ I put together’ or ‘I assemble’ in Latin.

In the following years the idea become advanced by plastic injection-molding machine, invention of inner tubes on the bricks and increased significantly the numbers of possible building combinations. By bringing DUPLO® brinks on the market for preschool children, LEGO TECHNIC for older children and LEGO DACTA®, now known as the educational decision, increasing the interest in the fantastic LEGO® Masterpieces which soon triggered Godtfred Kirk Christiansen’s idea to bring the model outside.

Originally; displayed just as a little garden which displayed various LEGO® Models bought the idea to develop them much larger. Finally in June 1968 the first LEGOLAND® was born in Billund, Denmark, follow by Parks in Windsor, England in 1996, in California in 1999, Germany in 2002 and Florida in coming Oct 2011.

Models, Landmarks from all over the world
Now Malaysia will become home to Asia’s first LEGOLAND® theme park in Iskandar Malaysia economic zone in southern state of Johor, near Singapore. Malaysia newest attraction

The construction is on the way and plans to be open end of next year. The park will feature 40 attractions, rides similar to the other LEGOLAND® attractions including a replica of the Twin Towers.

Malaysia is the best place to enjoy water parks and theme parks since it is blessed with lovely hat weather all year-round and in the post couple of years, many exciting new theme parks have established all over PeninsulaMalaysia. Many of them including water parks, rides, zoos, golf courses and provides great fun for the whole family.

Although all these parks are very different, they all share state-of-the-art design with fun and safety being priorities number one.


The largest Scuba Diving Show in Europe starts today.

DUESSELDORF, January 22, 2011International Boat and Water sport show 

An unbelievable variety, spectacular maritime highlights a feel for coming trends; that is the BOOT in Duesseldorf. With more than 1,600 exhibitors from over 50 countries, boot Duesseldorf is considered a benchmark for the international boat and water sports industry. Unparalleled at other major boat shows, large vessels can be looked on in their entirety, as the exhibition is a complete indoor event. In 17 exhibition halls covering more than 2.1 million sqm of exhibit space visitors will find worldwide largest range of exhibits in all the other water sport’s and boating categories.

42nd International Boat Show in Düsseldorf, GermanyGet an overview of the global market for yachting and water sports as motor yachts, motor boats, classic yachts, large vessels, super yachts, sailing boats and yachts, motors, technical equipment and water sports clothing as well as canoes, kayaks and wakeboarding, surfing and kite surfing equipment and of course scuba diving. …..

42nd International Boot Show in Duesseldorf, Germany

During this 10 day event, the 41st International Boat Show will also features the Diving Show, Europe’s largest consumer show for diving sport introducing the latest trends and innovations for all aspects of diving. A total of 350 diving sports exhibitors presenting diving equipment, innovations in the field of submarine photography and filming and providing extensive information on diving instruction and safety, information on all aspects of diver training as well as information on international travel destinations, diving resorts, dive sites, diving packages from around the globe .
The glass diving tower at the diving exhibition hallThe Diving Show at boot is also a magnet for international diving experts and a huge glass diving tower will be a focal point for professional infotainment in the boat show market.

boot Düsseldorf – well-equipped with inspiring ideas for 2011 and South East Asia Dreams will seeking for you the right destination for your next holiday.  Keep an eye on our next blog after the BOOT with some Highlights, ideas and of course some amazing specials.

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