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The Similan Islands boast some of the best diving that Thailand has to offer. No other region offers such a number of excellent sites. Wonderful scuba diving can be found when diving Similans – National Park. The Similans are 9 islands fringed by white sand beaches and surrounded by some of the richest waters.

Deep Six 

Deep Six, as the name suggests, is one of the deeper sites you’re likely to encounter in the Similans. The north tip of Koh Pa Yu offers big Sea Fans, a lot of Turtles and Leopard Sharks and a big variety of Reef Sharks. Descending down the buoy line here, there are several spectacular swim-throughs, at about 10m of depth. Corals include small table coral, wart finger and leather corals. It’s also easy to spot boxfish and lyretail grouper and the gorgeous powder blue surgeonfish. Butterflyfish, bannerfish and Java rabbitfish are also common schooling residents. Therefore Deep Six is one of the best dives sites around the Similan Islands.

Deep Six      Experience: **
     Current: ****
     Visibility: 15 – 24 meter
     Depth: 5 – 40+ meter
     Snorkel Condition: not suitable

Donald Duck Bay 

The Boulder or Campbell’s Bay, lies northwest of Koh Similan. Thanks to the huge granite blocks, which look like the head of Donald Duck, this is how this bay got its name. A small bay with fine white sand invites to go on shore, so you can have a close look at the rock formation. It’s also fun to snorkel in this really quiet bay. Lionfish and Scorpion Fish, Stonefish and Triggerfish swim around the Coral Heads here. At this beach the diving is uncomplicated and easy and is also mostly used by liveaboard boats for the overnight stay. 

Donald Duck Bay      Experience: *
     Current: *
     Visibility: 20 – 30 meter
     Depth: 5 – 12 meter
     Snorkel Condition: very good

East of Eden 

 At the east side of Koh Payu you will find East of Eden. It is a softly sloping reef with big Table corals and Sea Fans. Here you also find plenty of common coral fish, Leopard Shark and Turtles. If you are lucky, you might even see the rare Bowmouth Guitar Shark. 

East of Eden      Experience: **
     Current: ****
     Visibility: 20 – 30 meter
     Depth: 3 – 36 meter
     Snorkel Condition: very good

Eastern Front 

 At Eastern Front you’ll find Sting Rays and schools of other fish, as well as Sea Fans and Wire corals. Many other marine creatures are hidden amongst the cracks and crevasses along the reef at this dive site on the southeastern side of Koh Miang. This is a rather shallow dive, so you will have plenty of bottom time here.

Eastern Shallow 

Eastern Shallow dive site, situated at the southern top of Koh Hu Yong invites the less experienced divers, with its giant underwater rocks, archways, caves and ledges. Among Leopard Sharks, Sting Rays, Lobsters, Tuna and Barracudas you will also find different kinds of Snappers and Groupers. 

Elephant Head 

Elephant Head, also called Elephant Rock, lies between Ko Similan and Ko Pa Yu. One of worlds top dive sites. From a depth of 40 meters ascend huge granite blocks out of the water. One of them has the form of a gigantic Elephant head. Here it also possible for less experienced divers to dive through small tunnels and overhangs. The rock formations are also overgrown with corals, so even the safety stop offers interesting views of the rock. In addition to the numerous corals and fish, you also can find Reef Sharks hiding under the blocks. 

Elephant Head      Experience: **
     Current: ****
     Visibility: 15 – 25meter
     Depth: 5 – 36 meter
     Snorkel Condition:  restricted

Elephant Pinnacle 

 The Elephant Pinnacle is a giant granite arch and sloping sea floor, beautiful overgrown with corals you will find southeast of Koh Pa Yu. Sea Fans, Wire Corals, big Tubes, Feather Stars and Reef Sharks. This site is well worth a visit when diving Similans – National Park.

Snapper Alley 

Snapper Alley is also a great dive site for some drift diving. Fly over the reef observing the marine life, such as swarms of Glass Fish and Snappers. It is also possible to find some Leopard Sharks, Whitetip and Blacktip Sharks and also huge Napoleon Wrasse and Ghost Pipefish, Frogfish and even the occasional Seahorse camouflaged in a Gorgonian Fan. 

Snapper Alley      Experience: **
     Current: ****
     Visibility: 20 – 30 meter
     Depth: 6 – 36 meter
     Snorkel Condition: restricted

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