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Malaysia to build a Legoland worldwide theme park

When Ole Kirk Christiansen started in Denmark 1932 making wooden toys and named it Lego piecesLEGO® he did not know that he started a new century of toys which kids all over the world will love. LEGO® is a contraction of the Danish words ‘leg godt’ which means ‘play well’ and coincidentally it was later learned that Lego means ‘ I put together’ or ‘I assemble’ in Latin.

In the following years the idea become advanced by plastic injection-molding machine, invention of inner tubes on the bricks and increased significantly the numbers of possible building combinations. By bringing DUPLO® brinks on the market for preschool children, LEGO TECHNIC for older children and LEGO DACTA®, now known as the educational decision, increasing the interest in the fantastic LEGO® Masterpieces which soon triggered Godtfred Kirk Christiansen’s idea to bring the model outside.

Originally; displayed just as a little garden which displayed various LEGO® Models bought the idea to develop them much larger. Finally in June 1968 the first LEGOLAND® was born in Billund, Denmark, follow by Parks in Windsor, England in 1996, in California in 1999, Germany in 2002 and Florida in coming Oct 2011.

Models, Landmarks from all over the world
Now Malaysia will become home to Asia’s first LEGOLAND® theme park in Iskandar Malaysia economic zone in southern state of Johor, near Singapore. Malaysia newest attraction

The construction is on the way and plans to be open end of next year. The park will feature 40 attractions, rides similar to the other LEGOLAND® attractions including a replica of the Twin Towers.

Malaysia is the best place to enjoy water parks and theme parks since it is blessed with lovely hat weather all year-round and in the post couple of years, many exciting new theme parks have established all over PeninsulaMalaysia. Many of them including water parks, rides, zoos, golf courses and provides great fun for the whole family.

Although all these parks are very different, they all share state-of-the-art design with fun and safety being priorities number one.