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Welcome to the Southern Islands of the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar

Visit the southern Islands of the Mergui Archipelago including the famous island of Horse Shoe Island and Comb Island with its amazing heard form blue lagoon.

southern end of the mergui archipelago

1 Say-Tan Island – Dunkin Island

South of Za-Det Island and northwest of Kawthaung lies this beautiful island, which is a great place for snorkeling. At the southern part of Say-Tan Island is a small rocky hill, which is a nice place for scuba diving. The waters around island are so clear, that you can see the seabed at 20 m of depth from the boat.
On this island you can enjoy a picnic style packed lunch on a beach. The fine white sand is a perfect place for your beach holiday photos. Feel free to take a stroll along the beach and listen to the sounds of the ocean and jungle.

Sunset over the Mergui Archipelago

2 Myin Khwar Island – Horse Shoe Island

Horseshoe Island is formed like the namesake and is one of the hidden beautiful islands in Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago. It is a small island near Zadetkyu and Cock’s Comb Island, which is also known as Emerald Heart Island. The island is also known as Myin Khwar Island in the local tongue and has a unique characteristic. It’s a breath-taking place, with crystal clear waters and powdery white sandy beaches.


3 Kyet Mauk Island – Cocks Comb Island – Emerald Heart Island

The island consists of limestone and does not have a beach, but a stunning lagoon that is shaped like a heart. The inlet changes the color of the water and that is why it is also called Emerald Heart Island. The water inside the inlet is very calm and perfect for snorkeling. The entrance to the lagoon is on the east side of the island and it is only possible to get through the opening on the surface when the tide is low enough. Often numerous sharks and lobsters can be found here too.


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.Welcome to the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar with its amazing island

Visit one of the mergui archipelago resort islands either Back to nature or One Island – One Resort retreat, the Mergui Archipelago cater for all

island of the Myrk Archipelago

1 Nga Khin Nyo Gyee Island – Boulder Island

Nga Khin Nyo Gyee Island is one of the farthest islands in the archipelago and located on the western side of the Mergui Archipelago. The island is covered with tropical rain-forest and invites guests to some easy to medium challenging hiking and trekking. On one of the many beaches around the island you will find a small resort with 20 bungalows. Besides sandy beaches there are many rocks and large boulders around, which give the island also the name “Boulder Island”. The island comprises of a mixed vegetation and is home for many birds, such as the white bellied Sea Eagle or the Brahminy Kite. The island is also the domicile of some monitor lizards, pythons, jungle mouse and many other animals. Nga Khin Nyo Gyee offers many opportunities for hiking, trekking, sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and scuba diving.  Enjoy our back to the nature experience

Nga Khin Nyo Gyee Island - Boulder Island

2 Kha Yinn Khwa Island – Macleod Island

The island lies about 40 miles to the west from Kawthaung. The Andaman Resort is the only man-made construction on the island. The cottages and suites of the resort are strewn across the forest, but only just meters away from the beach. Macleod Island is still one of the unspoiled islands in the Mergui Archipelago and boasts great scuba diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking and fishing near and around the island. Amongst the many activities here, you will also be able to enjoy bird watching, trekking and jungle hiking on the island.


3 Nyaung Oo Phee Island

Nyaung Oo Phee is a secluded private island in the southern part of the Mergui Archipelago. The island’s more than 500 acres of land area include pristine white beaches and dense forest. Nyaung Oo Phee’s location in the Mergui Archipelago and its private setting make the resort very appealing to families. The island is a great place to discover a vast array of wildlife and sea species amongst untouched and colorful coral reefs during snorkeling, kayaking, hiking and even scuba diving.​ The Island is also known for its One Island – One Resort packages

Nyaung Oo Phee Island


4 Zar Det Kyee Island – Saint Matthew’s Island

Zar Det Kyee also sometimes written as Zadetkyi or Zadethyi Kyun Island, is also known by its British name Saint Matthew’s Island. This is the largest island of the southern group in the Mergui archipelago. The two prominent peaks, the highest being 864 m and located in the middle of the island and the other peak at 858 m rising at the southern end, give visitors entering the southern Bay a feeling of arriving at King Kong Island. The island is hilly and thickly wooded. Its northern side forms the southern shore of Hastings Harbor, where the Myanmar Navy base is located.


5 Zar Det Nge Kyunn Island (Hastings Island)

This Island lies about 60 meters above sea level and is located near Kampong Mah Puteh, a town on the west coast of Myanmar (Burma). This region is not really a tourist destination yet, but it is becoming more often visited and it does have a harbor, where vessels can anchor near a naval base.

Hastings Island is a narrow Isthmus with thick mangrove jungle and most of the natural vegetation is still intact. There are also white sandy beaches on the western side of the island and this place is great for scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing and kayaking. Some fishermen’s families live on the beach, surviving on what they catch from the ocean and hunting in the woods.


6 Taung La Bo Island

There are no scuba diving spots around the island. But it is a great spot for some amazing snorkeling and strolling on the pristine beach. Always keep your eyes in the sky too. You might be able to spot some sea eagle or kite hunting for lunch.

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Discover the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar with its amazing island

Explore the island below the Lampi National Park including the famous Philar Island mergui archipelago.

island south of Lampi National Park

1. Kyunn Phi Lar Island (Pheela Island or Great Swinton Island)

Philar Island mergui archipelago.  Natives call this island the “diagonal island” because it stretches mostly diagonally from east to west. The island is from east to west around 6 – 7 miles long, but pretty narrow from north to south with just 2 miles.  There are three beautiful beaches. The northern beach, called Long Beach, is the longest with a length of 2 – 3 miles, the eastern beach is called Iguana Beach. All three beaches are very beautiful with white and soft sand. Multicolored birds, such us Kites and Sea Eagles, are always around in the skies over this island.

The Coral life is great, the water quite clear and the beaches are most attractive for snorkelers and beach lovers alike. It is the best place for snorkeling in the Myeik Archipelago and the coral reef can be seen under water as a colorful floral bed. Fire fish and clown fish can be found here, by just swimming between the coral reefs. Sometimes visitors might have a chance to see land animals too, such as monitor lizards, monkeys, boar and snakes and watching the inhabitant birds is great fun too.

There is also a very thicket tropical rain forest on the island, which is home to wild pigs, monkeys, mouse deer, wild cats, civets and hornbills. At the southern part of the island, you can find some small and short tidal rivers and thicket mangrove. A perfect place to kayak, trekking and watching some of the very shy tidal animals, like monkeys, monitor lizards, Myanmar python, crab and kingfisher.

There is also a very famous dive site on a mount, just three miles from the island. Mainly known as Shark Cave, after the cave and sharks which are found in 8 to 10 meter depth here.


2. Nga Mann Island (Pula Set or Shark Island)

Pula Set or Nga Mann Island is an island with a small forest and a beautiful beach. Nga Mann is not so interesting for scuba diving, but a great place for snorkeling. The beach in the western part is one mile long, with white and smooth sand. This place is often used for a beach BBQ. The waters are crystal clear, with colorful hard and soft corals, parrot fish, trigger fish, sea urchins, lobster and plenty more to be encountered here.

3. Nyaung Wee Island (Pu-Lu, Buda Island or Palau Bada Island))

Buda Island, also known as Nyaung Wee Island, lies south of Lampi and is part of the Mid Group. These islands lie south of Lampi and offer plenty of overnight options for stop overs. The three islands form a kind of a triangle and offer plenty of hiking, snorkeling over coral reefs or kayaking.  Nyaung Wee Island is home to a small village called Makyone Galet and offers some hikes and great views across the nearby islets. Local fishing boats like to refill fresh water at a stilted house in front of the beach and the local fishing families would be happy to cook meals for visitors and their kids are always excited to see foreign visitors. You will also find a small Moken community here, where you can see what it might feel like, to in a hunter-gatherer society. Moken people often inhabit stilt houses over the water and on Nyaung Wee you can also play around with the local kids or discover the undergrowth on the island. A river, in the northern part of Nyaung-wee is a great place for bird watchers and wildlife explorers.


4. Poni Island

Poni Island has three sandbanks at the western shores of the island with only around 12 meters of depth. There are only a few corals, but the area is good for fishing. There is a small mount with coral reefs in the southern part of the island as well though. Small caves are also found here, but no wild animals, apart from some sea otters spotted in 1998.

Po Ni Island

5. Island 115

Around 40 miles north of Kawthaung you’ll find Island 115. Located on the eastern shore and surrounded by crystal clear waters are several sandbanks. With some luck you might see some Monitor Lizards and snakes. Keep your eyes also in the air, to possibly Horn Bills, Kingfisher, Swallow birds, Bat, Kites and Sea Eagles.

On the south side of the island is a Swallow Bird Cave, which you can enter by kayak, since it is around 16 feet in height and 9 feet wide. The island is a great place for snorkeling, as there are a lot of hard coral reefs and colorful fish.

Island 115 myanmar

6. Hlaingu Island

This island has a lot of caves and lies a distance of about 40 miles away from Kawthaung. There is a freshwater stream on the island, so ships anchor here overnight and often freshwater prawns can be seen as well. Many visitors to the island explore the caves and sandbanks by kayak and enjoy the fantastic sunset between the rock formations.

Sunset over the Mergui Archipelago

7. Steward Island (Ba-wei Island)

Stewart Island, or Ba Wei Island is situated due north west of Cavern Island in the Mergui Archipelago. Its main feature is a smaller islet at its southern end, with a large hole in it, offering great photo opportunities, even above the water. There are many swim throughs here underwater as well, where often you can find large schools of fish hiding from predators such as white tip and black tip reef sharks hunting around the coral reef. Clams and sponges cover the walls and little crabs and all sorts of shrimps make a living in the many crevasses. Dive sites like this are a popular spot for a night dive, conditions permitting.

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Island around the amazing Lampi National Park

Explore WaAle and Lampi Island MerguiArchipelago and the other island around Lampi Marine National Park at the Mergui Archipelago Myanmar

Lampi Island at the Mergui Archipelago


1 Kyunn Me Gyee Island (Clara Island)

There are three sandy beaches ashore and they are suitable for snorkeling and diving. Both south and north sentinels are also excellent spots for diving, fishing and snorkeling.

2 Salet Galet Island

Salet Galet is a cove and a good place for boats to shelter from bad weather conditions. It almost seems like a lake. Sometimes the Sea Gypsies (Moken) can be found there to refill fresh water for their fishing boats. The spots for anchoring are between 10-12 meters deep. There is a mangrove creek on Wa Ale Island, where Kayaking trips along the mangrove creek can be arranged. This is a good place for wild life lovers, because monkeys, falcons, Sea eagles and crystal clear water can be found here.

Salet-Galet-Island Mergui Archipelago Myanmar

3  Wa Ale Kyunn Island

Another extraordinary beach to the north of Lampi is on WaAle Island. Here you may come across turtles’ tracks. This beautiful wide beach is surrounded by hillsides of tropical evergreens and at low-tide has an interesting rock passageway a the southern end of the beach.

Myanmar WaAle Island

4 Kyunn Tann Shey Island (Lampi Island)

The best sandy beaches of Lampi are located on the western side of the Park, each one is a treasure! If you are lucky, you can see monkeys sitting on the beach leisurely snacking on crabs.

One of the longest, most accessible, and stunning white beaches is on the southwest side of Lampi island. It stretches from the casuarinas forest at the mouth of the mangrove tourist river. Find yourselves walking on a long sandy strip, without footprints and with turquoise waters to both sides.

Kayaking through Lampi’s serene and majestic mangroves is one of the highlights of any Park visit. The Lampi National Park has two perennial rivers on the main island, the “crocodile” and “tourist” rivers. Both are home to Lampi’s best conserved mangrove forests. Paddle along the rivers, deeper and deeper into the jungle, a mass of seemingly impenetrable, sprawling root systems extend as for as the eye can see.

The islands in vicinity hast also several seashore caves. They are formed in Mesozoic Granite or Quartzite with passages oriented along the major bedding lines. This is surprising since caves are usually known from lime stone which exists mostly in patches in the Mergui Archipelago.

Lampi Island at the Mergui Archipelago


5 Bo-Cho Island

There is one village on Bo-Cho Island and it is named Ma-Kyone-Ga-Lat Village. The village lies at the south western end of Bo-cho island. As the shore is not rocky, small boats can land without difficulties. The tender sand is very enjoyable and beautiful scenery of sunset can be observed at sunset. Once a year the Sa-lon festival is held here by the only human inhabitants in the area, the Sea gypsies, known as Sa-lon in Myanmar. They live on boats during the dry season and remain on land during rainy season.

Moken Village on BoCho Island

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Learn more about the amazing island around the Mergui Archipelago

Explore and discover the beauty the island of the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar during your cruise or beach holiday.

Island of the Mergui ArchipelagoThe beauty of the islands in the Mergui Archipelago can’t be put into words.  Over 800 island spread along the coastline of the Andaman Sea. Stunning tropical paradises, surrounded by teeming waters full of flora and fauna and amazing underwater scenes and landscapes. Each of the islands has many interesting and amazing things to explore and discover. Nature loving people are in the right spot here.





Through a few twists in history, a lot of the Mergui Archipelago has been left to birds and plant life. The area is a renowned destination for activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, kayaking, bird watching, hiking, trekking, sunbathing and more. Most of the islands are covered with bright green tropical rain forest, lined with white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and colorful coral life.





Within the warm tropical waters and around the coral reefs you’ll find an abundance of exotic marine life, including whale sharks, turtles, octopus, cuttle fish, sting rays, snakes and many other fish species.

local fisherman myanmarFishing is the traditional business along the coastal seas and around the islands here. A Tribe known for millennia by various names, such as Chao nam (Water folks) by Thais and Moken among themselves, adopted their way of life as marine nomads. They are experts in swimming & diving in the ocean and been known as “Sea Gypsy” or “Men of the Sea”.

The Moken used to live on boats during the dry season and remained on land during the rainy season. The Myanmar government made them more and more stay year around in villages around the Archipelago. Such Villages can be visited on Bo Cho Island or Jar Laan Kyunn. Mergui (Myeik) is the main city in the area, but most travelers use Kawthaung as a gateway to the Archipelago.


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Explore and discover the beauty the island of the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar during your cruise or beach holiday such as:

Part 2 – Island around the amazing Lampi National Park

  • Kyunn Me Gyee Island (Clara Island)
  • Salet Galet Island
  • Wa Ale Kyunn Island
  • Kyunn Tann Shey Island (Lampi Island)
  • Bo-Cho Island

Part 3 – Island south of Lampi Island

  • Kyunn Phi Lar Island (Pheela Island or Great Swinton Island)
  • Nga Mann Island (Pula Set or Shark Island)
  • Nyaung Wee Island (Pu-Lu, Buda Island or Palau Bada Island))
  • Poni Island
  • Island 115
  • Hlaingu Island
  • Steward Island (Ba-wei Island)

Part 4 – Island around the Mergui Archipelago

  • Nga Khin Nyo Gyee Island (Boulder Island)
  • Kha Yinn Khwa Island – Macleod Island – Andaman Resort
  • Nyaung Oo Phee Island – Victoria Cliff Resort

Part 5 – Island at the most southern part of the Mergui Archipelago

  • Say-Tan Island – Dunkin
  • Myin Khwar Island – Horse Shoe Island
  • Kyet Mauk Island – Cocks Comb Island – Emerald Heart Island