Health & Hygiene Statement and Measurements for South East Asia Dreams Guests and Operators

We have taken steps to ensure international health and hygiene standards have been put in place on all our tours. The local regulations always and primarily apply. In addition, reference should be made to the country-specific regulations and the general regulations of the local health ministries and the WHO International Health Organization.

In General and all the time the main regulation is to

Wear a mask and practice social distancing.

When interacting in person, everybody must wear a mask and maintain a minimum of 2 meters of distance from each other at all times.


General Guests Greetings

  • Contact-less Greetings – To ensure physical distancing, all the team from the driver, guide, hotel or any other member of the team will rely on country-specific hand gestures,
    • such as the traditional Thai wai greeting;
    • Korean jeol bowing;
    • the hand-over-heart gesture or just Palms together in front of your chest and slightly bow your head .


Arrival & Departure Transfer

  • Welcome clients greeting and maintain social distancing
  • Guides / Driver will give our client a proper briefing to the clients on the measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus and request them to cooperate for their health, safety, and environmental concerns.
  • Van must be sanitized by the driver before every assignment using a disinfectant cleaner for all touch points and keeping a log of the cleaning activities with time and signature of each disinfection
  • Drivers and Transfer Guide must wear face-mask during whole time of duty and guests must wear masks during the whole transfer. All guests will be provided hand sanitizer prior to entering the vehicle.
  • Vehicles seating capacity might be defined by government directives
  • Baggage handles are cleaned by the driver before handing back the luggage to the clients


Sightseeing / Excursion

  • Welcome clients at the pick up points and maintain social distancing
  • Guide will give a proper briefing to the clients about the daily itinerary including measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus and request to cooperate for their health, safety and environmental concerns
  • Reducing numbers of clients in vans.
  • All Vehicles must be sanitized by the driver before every assignment using a disinfectant cleaner for all touch points in the vehicle Including seats, handles, arm rests and seatbelt.
  • The driver and Guides must sanitize the vehicle on a round trip every morning thoroughly and will keep a log of the cleaning activities with time and signature of each disinfection
  • Driver  and Guides must wear mask during duty
  • Provide hand sanitizer for clients every time they reenter the vehicle after a sightseeing or break stop on entering the bus


SEAD Health Hygiene Statement for Representative and Guide

  • welcome clients with a minimize physical contact and maintain social distancing
  • are only allowed to meet guests wearing face masks during every client/hotel visit
  • have to use hand sanitizer regularly before and after every clients meeting
  • keeping a log of each client’s visit with detailed timing and client’s name
  • will report any health issues or any sickness of themselves or any family/household member immediately to our head office
  • will report any health issues or any sickness of a guest immediately to the hotel reception and as well to our head office
  • are firmly instructed to reminds guests about the requirements for physical distancing and disinfection.
  • are firmly required to check that covid-19 regulations and precautions are observed at all hotels, restaurants, museums,


Policy and Regulations for Hotels within SEAD Health Hygiene Statement

Hotels are in general following the guidelines issue by the local bodies. Employees are being trained in enhanced cleaning routines, both within personal hygiene and new cleaning routines, following COVID-19 guidelines provided by local health authorities.

Enhanced cleaning:

  • The reception area and hotel lobby are disinfected at least once an hour and regularly ventilated.
  • Check-in takes place individually, with the number of people limited to two from one booking, with the maximum reduction of procedures.
  • Hand sanitizer  are available at the reception.
  • The reception desk, payment terminals and room keys are disinfected on a regular basis and must be disinfected after each check-in.
  • Safe distances have been set for guests waiting in queue for reception.
  • Reception staff work in disposable gloves, and the registration procedure takes place through a protective glass or in face shields.
  • Each guest room is complete disinfection of furniture and equipment available in the room, in particular a telephone, mini bar and TV with remote control.
  • The bedding of each guest room is changed according to safety standards and using disinfectants
  • Detailed disinfection of all bathroom rooms is carried out every day using single-use materials and disinfectants
  • All Hotel staff incl reception, housekeeper, cleaning etc work with mask while maintaining a safe distance from guests.
  • Door handles, handrails, light switches, doors leading to the corridors and staircases are disinfect several times a day.
  • The corridors and hotel lobby are ventilated several times a day
  • Regular disinfection of the hotel elevator takes place, at least once an hour,
  • Restaurant staff work in disposable gloves and masks / face shields, maintaining a safe social distance.

SEAD Health & Hygiene Statement - Be Smart & inform yourselfe about corona virusSEAD Health & Hygiene Statement - Protective Measures against Covid-19SEAD Health & Hygiene Statement


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